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Our Sgt at Arms Wayne McCormick must be in 7th heaven now that he's found his name in a historic district somewhere in Arizona from what I can tell. Wayne is a life time member of the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America)

Now here is an organization we don't mind supporting. http://www.veteransportsmen.com/

May 15, 2015

I, Charles Dobbs want to thank NetObjects Fusion for their generous donation of NetObjects Fusion 2015 full package software to our chapter May 15th 2015. It'll take some time to learn it, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

  NetObjects Fusion 2015

May 4, 2015

‘Wounded Warrior’ Charity Unleashes Hell—On Other Veteran Groups

For more information, see the link of the story at The Daily Beast    5/4/2015, link provided by VVA Chapter Former President 1089 Keith Rudlaff.

June 2, 2015

Just an add-on to the above article that was received via an email but not to me directly.

"From a respected flag officer…
Passed on by one of the USAF's finest historians, Walter Boyne. I had to ask Wounded Warrior twice for the salary of their CEO, and they sent me a pie chart with a broad segment called "Administration"...but no specifics on their CEO. As such, I refuse to support them. Besides, I'm tired of watching the dead HBO guy, James Gandolfi, speak to me from the grave. Guess they paid him the big bucks for an endorsement and felt they had to use it. Wish FOX would dump them as they do little good for our warriors. Much better are Bill O'Reilly's Track Chairs @ 10K a pop where all donated money goes to the product; or the Fisher Houses at military facilities for families visiting their hospitalized loved-one.

The following excerpt from Burt Prelutsky's most recent column is worth a look, Burt's assertions invariably hold water:

I recently pointed out in an article that I thought it was obscene that the executive director of Wounded Warriors is paid well over $300,000-a-year. I also wondered how the group could afford to advertise as extensively as it does on Fox News.

But, I recently received an email from Dr. Richard Stiso that exposed exactly how the charity spends the money it receives from patriotic Americans. According to Guidestar, a group that investigates charities, the Wounded Warrior Project might as well be run by the Mafia. In 2012, the WWP received an astronomical $154,958,901, with a measly $4,857,084 going out in grants to veterans’ organizations and $671,194 to individuals. That means that the group only used 3.5% of the money it received for the purpose intended.

In the meantime, the Officers, Directors and Trustees hauled in $15,415,666 million, with Employee Benefits ($2,226,457), Office Expenses ($12,451,303), Travel ($4,086,509), Promotional Items ($4,055, 567) and something called Outside Services ($20,915,404) accounting for roughly50% of what’s listed as “Overhead Expenses.”

So just in case you thought it was just the V.A. that was filled with back-stabbing traitors ripping off military veterans, you didn’t know the half of it."

June 7, 2015

Wounded Warrior Project Under Fire

Is a much-touted charity for American veterans everything it says it is?

Over the past decade, the Wounded Warrior Project has emerged to become one of the celebrated charities in the country—but with its prominence comes deeper scrutiny and criticism.

It’s a broad but closely held sentiment within the veterans’ advocacy community: grumbling and critiques about the fundraising behemoth WWP has become, and whether it has been as effective as it could be.

In interviews, critical veterans’ advocates and veterans charged that the Wounded Warrior Project cares more about its image than it does about helping veterans; that it makes public splashes by taking vets on dramatic skydiving trips but doesn’t do enough to help the long-term well being of those injured in combat.

These criticisms come from a broad cross-section of veterans and their advocates, the vast majority of whom refused to speak on the record due to the sway the Wounded Warrior Project carries.

To see more of this article, click on the link to the right Wounded Warrior Project Under Fire

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August 15, 2015 News

At today's monthly meeting, Gary Robinson was appointed Director to fill the term of Gail Hardy. Charles Dobbs was appointed to fill the position of 2nd Vice President until the term expires April 2016 or if JC Meeks can resume the position. Jerry Born, Secretary; will temporarily assume the position of Chapter Treasurer until someone can be elected to take the position. Charles Dobbs is on the left and Gary Robinson is on the right taking their oaths of office.

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Sept 8th 2015

President Rudlaff resigns due to personal reasons. Vice President Eddie Lynch now assumes the position of President. 2nd VP Charles Dobbs now assumes the position of Vice President. Chapter Treasurer Joan Whitt shall retain her position as decided by the Board of Directors on September 8th.

President Eddie Lynch

9/24/2015 - Tennessee VVA State Council President Barry Rice announced that Chapter 1089 Director Mike Cowger has been appointed to the Tennessee State Council as Parlimentarian - Congrats Mike!

September 12th 2015, Smyrna Rotary Club Honors Vietnam Veterans at the Airport with a Fish Fry Celebration below

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