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This is my cousin, LCPL Glen Austin, KIA Viet Nam. He was a crew chief and door gunner his helicopter went down in 1969, all but 1 member perished. RIP Glenn,

by Jacquelyn Rudlaff

submitted 5/25/2015

Charles Edward Nichols was killed when his plane went down in a rice paddy after a resupply mission. He was married to a cousin of VVA Member Wayne McCormick.

Even our K9 Partners mourn over a loss of a companion. As a USAF K9 Handler, this truly tugs at my heart for I have mourned for a few I've lost over the years. The bond is great when you're with one over time. Especially one you went to battle with (and law enforcement). My dogs are like my kids (have none). Seeing this dog grieve really hurts. Mike, Chief, Lucky, Honky and Smack, I'll always remember you guys

Charles Dobbs USAF K9 and Law Enforcement K9 Narcotics