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Hot Off The Presses - The Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2015, H.R. 1709 and S.901 by Barry Rice, VVA TN State Council

This page is for veterans looking for information such as service connected disability, funeral benefits, benefits for their spouses etc. A lot has changed over the years since I've got out of service I must say. It it'll probably change some more before too long. I will do my best to keep this updated but the ultimate responsibility is upon you to make that first step. "Charles Dobbs USAF 100% Disabled. Vietnam Veteran of America Life Member."

I think at this point it would be beneficial for most to review what this site has to say about the various military organizations like ourselves has to offer.  If you would like to contact our VSO (Veteran Service Officer), contact Sam Burgett near the bottom of this page by clicking on his contact button.  Here's the link for that article on helpful sites.

Veterans Service Organizations for Benefits Claims Assistance, Career Guidance, and More

Now myself, I prefer the DAV but you MUST be prepared to give them (just like the VSO's) accurate and complete information without any window dressing, you'll find your claim goes through very quickly compared to what we've experienced in the military (I'm sure it hasn't changed from HURRY UP and wait)

I also found it interesting that now the Iraq/Afghanistan veterans have their own organization much like we do, its IAVA which I think stands for Iran Afghanistan Veterans of America. Their website is IAVA

However, it doesn't matter what service you were in or when you were in - we all here to help.

Sam Burgett and Keith Rudlaff is our VSO's (Veteran Service Officers) - if you want to contact them click on their email buttons to the right. Keith Rudlaff can also be reached at 615-995-9336

List of Websites

  • Look here first on Explore
  • December 27, 2014 Info for Veterans & their spouses when planning for the eventual death. Article and information was provided by Charles Dobbs, a VVA Life Member. To see the full article - see the link - ARTICLE

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